Anniversary Book Coordinator--Bernie Brown


May 2019


Hello 1970 Class members!


The time has come to send this letter to all of you.  As I mentioned in the April 2019 Newsletter that Jay Shopshire, Willena Osmola McDevitt, Connie Paine Henes and Kathryn McIntire Sutton are working with me on the 50th anniversary book. 


Each of you will have one page in the anniversary book with your profile and pictures.  We will use 1970 yearbook “selfies” of you; if none is available, we will resort to 1965 or subsequent yearbook pictures.  If you graduated after 1970 and have a senior picture, please send it to us.  Two things we need from you—


1. A Profile/Bio


     a.  Birthplace (city and state)

     b.  Last Residence before Gallaudet (city and state)

     c.  Current residence (city and state)

     d.  Last school before Gallaudet

     e.  Years at Gallaudet & Major

     f.   Life after Gallaudet

     g.  Status/Family

     h.  Major Achievements

     i.   Favorite Activities


2. Five to ten current pictures, specifically selfies (one will be picked to go with the 1970 or subsequent picture), family pictures, vacation pictures or activities.  They can be in color or black/white.

Please note:  We may need to edit the profile comments to fit in one page so keep the comments simple and to the point.  For the pictures, we will use the ones that will fit, are clear and the people are visible.

Deadline:  September 30, 2019

Please send your profile and pictures to Connie Paine Henes –  Connie will let you know she got them (your profile and the pictures).  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Start now so you can enjoy your summer! 

If you have questions, please contact me at


Bernie Brown

Two Samples

 Anniversary Book Committee--Jay Shopshire

June 2019

Hello 1970 Class Members,

I am excited to be working with Bernie Brown on the Anniversary Book committee.  He asked me to find pictures for the yearbook. We want pictures, preferably of groups that are not in any of our 1970 yearbooks (1966-1970) or in our website—  The reason for groups is to include many of you in the pictures. It does not matter if you did not stay all 5 years, we want pictures from each year-1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970.

We need two things from you:

1.  The Tower Clock was built in 1870.  We celebrated its 100th anniversary in our 1970 yearbook.  We will celebrate again for its 150th anniversary in our 2020 anniversary book.  Bernie will write up the history of the Tower Clock.  He wants to have a list of those who (legally or illegally) went up the Tower Clock.  If you have a picture of yourself or with group with the Tower Clock or inside it, please sent it to me.  Don’t worry about getting into trouble by exposing your name or picture. That was 50+ years ago.  What can they do?  We would like to know how many from our class went up the Tower Clock.

2.  We want pictures (3 or more people) from different events/activities for each year—starting the summer of 1965 through 1970.  Some of you went to summer school in 1965. 

Preparatory (1965-1966)=Summer School, Pep Rally, Food Strike, Mum’s Day, Sadie Hawkins Day, Rat Funeral, Knob Hill Newsletters, Dormitory Life, Sports

Freshman (1966-1967)=Hazing Week, Traditional Tug-o-War, Homecoming, Dormitory Life, Sports

Sophomore (1967-1968)=Infirmary Boycott, Class Banner Ceremony, MLK Assassination/Riot, Dormitory Life, Sports

Junior (1968-1969)=Prom, Dormitory Life, Sports

Senior (1969-1970)=Sneak Day, Yearbook, Homecoming, Mud Bath, Inauguration of Dr. Merrill, Dormitory Life, Graduation

Do you have any of those pictures? Pick your 5-10 best pictures.  Please scan them or take pictures from your phone.  Send them to Jay Shopshire--  Thanks!  Deadline: September 1, 2019.  Let us make our 50th anniversary book the most memorable one for our class members.

  Jay Shopshire 

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